Silence: The Language of Thought

Our Thoughts are a Universe

Our Thoughts are a Universe

Within the confines of our mind in places where no one may ever be able to map out precisely, lie our thoughts and emotions, our feelings and hopes, fears and secrets.  Inside our minds lie our unspoken words, our shouts of pain and joy.  In this vast confined space of our brains and beyond into the ether lie what no one will ever be able to hear but is there nonetheless: Our Personal Dialogue.

To say that it does not exist would be ridiculous! Consider only the moment that is NOW.  Upon the reading of the word “NOW” you evoke the feelings and all memories associated with that word, the memories may lead to more thoughts and feelings and–if you never returned to reading my blog but instead expounded on the internal energy you possess from the word “NOW”–you very well may drift off into an eternal internal personal dialogue.

The confines of your mind are where the great ideas will be generated, where the great hopes will be constructed, it is the place where your dreams will be molded and even the place where your doubts will wreak havoc.  Before every spoken word there are dozens if not hundreds of words unspoken.  The greatest of all writers and orators place thousands if not tens-of-thousands of unspoken thought-words into each and every spoken and written word, I believe. What we are so blessed to encounter when we read a piece by Emerson, or a poem by Bronte or Dickinson, is merely the tip of the quill so-to-speak of a much larger and massively more expansive library of thought-words.

There is more. What if we contemplate that our thoughts, the words we hear “spoken” in our heads and hearts, are only the first layer of our internal conversation and that below that lies an even deeper, perhaps incomprehensible language? The Unconscious.  Indeed, words limit our own expression when it comes to describing things unseen or unheard.  However, if our spoken words are made up of both conscious and unconscious internal thought-words then we must admit our complexity…and the complexity of others.

Look at a person you have never met before and what words are triggered in your mind? Hear a word you have never heard before and what words are triggered in your mind? See a script written in another language and…where do you even begin to form words?  Perhaps in the complexity of it all we are all unconsciously connected to one another in our commonality of deep thought and personal dialogue.  Even to the point where–if such a place could ever one day be opened as to be understood fully–we may even be able to communicate with all life through a kind of primordial language, one that obliterates all boundaries of surface tension and bores its way into the deep and utter humanity of all living things.

As humans, we are born with the gift of gab, for better or for words (excuse my pun~) And this gift can not be taken lightly.  If it is possible–and indeed I believe now that it is true–that each spoken and written word is supported in the mind of its creator by dozens if not ten-thousand conscious and unconscious thought-words…then, we must not speak rashly.  We must recognize the value that others may place on our words. Why?  Because we are too good for that, our minds too powerful for to simply blurt out whatever may come to our tongue.  Let each word be born from our eternal internal personal dialogue where we process the information of our life.

Consider this, would you sit idly and distractedly in the company of Lord Byron or the president of your country?  From the well thought-out and carefully placed words of such individuals one ought not listen lightly because they are masters of words! …and we should strive to be such masters, nay!–architects of our own spoken and written words.  For when words are built up ever so nicely, with thought and consideration as to their tone, resonance in the minds of your audience, denotative and(more importantly) connotative imagery and feelings in yourself and those around you…then…then we become the influential person we always dreamed we would be.  When you tame the words inside you, and master the construction of your spoken and written word, you will find that not only do you recognize yourself more fully, but others recognize your confidence and will confide in you.  Your mastery will be noticed.

Contemplation. It is the ancient theory of mastery of each individual word and the complex meanings behind them that has driven such delicate arts as Chinese calligraphy for nearly five-thousand years.  There is truth in such practices! To master the words you speak is to master the thoughts you contemplate, to master the thoughts your contemplate is to master yourself…and when you become the master of yourself then no one can take that away from you and you become the most powerful person in the universe.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.
From these our interviews, in which I steal
From all I may be, or have been before,
To mingle with the Universe, and feel
What I can ne’er express, yet cannot all conceal.

Now, breathe…


3 thoughts on “Silence: The Language of Thought

  1. Another essay rich in sharing, can you please send to me an address to which I can send to you an image I think meshes with this essay? With the gazillions of blogs and websites and people writing, there are a few I particularly treasure. This is definitely one of those. In your brush travels, I also highly recommend

    O genki de,


    • Rona,

      Your quick comment certainly warmed my heart. You are more than welcome to send me an image-address by simply posting here on this blog or by sending it to my e-mail.

      As for Calligrapher Nao, I am acquainted with her long line of work and surprised to find how both large and small the blogosphere can be as we have several blog friends in common. Until next time I am


      Dorian Wacquez

  2. I love this post!

    Just like the first time I read your post, your words never fail to touch me in ways I can’t explain.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you!

    Meanwhile, take care, Dorian~!

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