When Language Doesn’t Cut It

I am at a loss for words.  What do you say when no words will suffice.  I am simply,__________.


Life, Without Words: Photo Courtesy of D.L Ennis Photography

Life, Without Words: Photo Courtesy of D.L Ennis Photography

Who sings “the words get in the way”? because today they are.  The words.


What is the point of a word?  Word Word Word Word!!! It is all nonsense.


It is written that what can not be said can be expressed in poetry.  The poets themselves can not even begin to describe all the floweriness of a flower.


“When I first saw the mountain, it was merely a mountain.
When I journeyed, the mountain was no longer a mountain.
But when I really understood, the mountain was again a mountain.”


Isn’t the question and the eternal quest of words to completely recreate and instill in the reader the EXACT same feelings and situations that the writer sat down to describe?  Is that the ultimate goal?  The greatest book ever written, can it transport us to another time and make us feel pain, joy, and cry whilst we sit still and read?!  I ask again: What is the point of words?

When two people are so accustomed to each other and their emotions, do they need words?  No, from experience, I can say no.  How then do these two joined souls express themselves to each other when they are separated and must communicate via letter, e-mail, or instant message?  The frustration that must arise.  For they know that each is completely capable of healing each others’  wounds in an eye blink would in not be for the naturally clumsy disposition of conjoined sound and thought.  To join one idea (thought) with another (word) and expect to get anything near what you really want to express (emotion, a perfectly-timed and heart-melting embrace) ….the result is likely to disappoint.

What are our words?  Is it from a lack of educated thought that they are not used to their full potential or are words at their core inevitably and forever never able to express fully what we want to say?


Music.  That is where my heart is at rest.
Poetry.  Where my emotions swirl and dance.


4 thoughts on “When Language Doesn’t Cut It

    • By all means! I want to sincerely thank you for your help completing this post. In fact, I find your entire blog to be of superb quality and parallel to my current frame of mind. I fully intend to explore it more thoroughly in the near future!

  1. Think – without “words” there would have been no camera – hence no picture – without Language there would have been no machine, no computer, no blog etc etc. Without Language there would have been no music. No gesture.

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