The Misson

Español, 日本語

The mission of this blog is to discuss language.  The primary languages that will be explored here are English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean.

Language, as one person put it, may be the single greatest invention of mankind.  It is so essential that, for all intensive purposes, civilizations are not considered civil until they have some form of written if not oral language!  (How else could they run the country let alone buy a drink?) The fact of the matter is, simply, that  somehow, without contact for thousands of years, people arrived at vastly different ways of expressing the same things: An apple is APPLE in English, MANZANA in Spanish, RINGO in Japanese, and SAGWA in Korean.  Why did we arrive at so many diverse ways of expressing the same thing?  How or why did one person decide that the apple looked more like an “APPLE” than a “MANZANA”?  Was it something in the sound of things? Did one way just sound better? Was it completely arbitrary? Finally, do words even matter at all?

Important Note: I have no idea. Furthermore, I will not pretend to be more intelligent than any linguist out there in the wide (but shrinking) world.

So, what is being done here? What is being done here at Dorian Wacquez is simply an unloading of questions and occasionally answers about what may be one of the more interesting and fascinating aspects of the human species: The Diversity of Language.

Regular posts will be made about once every fortnight.

Please leave your scathing remarks and humble comments below.


4 thoughts on “The Misson

  1. I look forward to following your posts and all the related topics to Spanish and English… and why not? Japanese and Korean too!

    Language is my favorite ‘organ’ and I’m more than ever intrigued by how it’s used and employed worldwide.

    And, indeed, it’s the most beautiful humankind invention EVER!

    Art of Words welcomes Dorian Wacquez.

    Best wishes,

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